Henry Cavill would have ditched his 'Mission: Impossible - Fallout' moustache if he'd known about the 'Justice League' re-shoots.

The 35-year-old star grew out his facial hair for his role of August Walker in the action blockbuster, but due to conflicting schedules it had to be edited out - at a huge cost - when he had to return for extra takes for the super hero movie.

Speaking to Square Mile, he revealed: ''Had I known the 'Justice League' reshoots were coming I'd have probably made a different choice.''

His obligation to keep the moustache cost Warner Bros. millions as it had to be digitally edited out of the scenes he re-filmed.

However, it did have one advantage for Henry as it gave him some anonymity by making him largely unrecognisable until he went back to the clean shaven look.

Revealing what happened once he did shave it off, he added: ''I was in America for, I think, three hours, and I had been asked for eight photographs. When I sat down in a restaurant I was like, 'wow, I forgot what it was like.' ''

Henry has also opened up about co-star Tom Cruise's horrific injury while filming the latest installment in the 'Mission: Impossible' franchise, which saw him break his ankle during a rooftop jump stunt.

Although he incredibly finished the take, production was halted for several weeks while he recovered but it gave his fellow actor a chance to work on his characterisation.

The 'Man of Steel' star joked: ''I didn't break my ankle, so I got a holiday and my character got better! Wasn't even a cloud: just silver lining!''