Henry Cavill isn't worried about missing out on movie roles because he plays Superman.

The 35-year-old actor has portrayed the superhero a number of times and although it means he can't squeeze in other parts, he doesn't mind ''paying that price'' because it's so ''fun'' to play Clark Kent.

He said: ''I don't mind paying that price. I think it's fun. And if there are times when it's not fun, then I need to correct my thinking. Because it will be my fault that I'm not having fun.''

And Henry thinks playing Superman has made him a better person in general.

He added: ''He bleeds goodness, so to be representing that person is a wonderful standard to hold yourself to. To be honest, it's done nothing but help me up my game and hopefully be a better human being just by trying to be more like him.''

Whilst most celebrities prefer not to read what people say about them online, Henry goes looking for it.

He told The Times magazine: ''It's an insight. Obviously there are a lot of people who just like to spit venom, but you have no idea what's going on in their life. They might be going through something horrendous and so I don't hold it against them. I just look at it from a performer's point of view. Let's say 75 per cent of people say my performance was great, then I'll think, OK, cool, I'm on the right track. Yeah, I could probably finesse some things, and while I'm not saying you should take everything into account, it definitely gives you something to think about that you might not have considered. It's just another insight. Depending on which message board you're on, obviously.''