Henry Cavill is reportedly dating Kaley Cuoco after splitting from his long-term girlfriend.

The 'Man of Steel' hunk split with 'Fast & Furious 6' actress Gina Carano in May, around the same time as 'The Big Bang Theory' star called things off with musician Bret Bollinger.

The new lovebirds are said to be ''totally hot for each other'', but haven't yet been spotted in public together because they're trying to keep things quiet for the moment.

A source told Us Weekly: ''They were both single and started dating recently. It's just the beginning stages of a relationship, and they're having a great time.''

The surprising allegation comes after Kaley, 27, revealed last month she was a fan of Zack Snyder's new Superman reboot, sharing a photo of herself gazing up at the new film's poster.

She enthused on Twitter: ''Everyone go see Man Of Steel. It's fantastic in every single way.''

Meanwhile, 30-year-old rising star Henry admitted he always goes for confident and bubbly girls in a recent interview, so sitcom veteran Kaley could be his dream date.

He told People magazine: ''What really matters is that people be themselves. If women are confident and happy, they are going to attract someone who is like minded rather than trying to be something else.''

''That's very important, to love yourself and be happy with who you are. That quality is incredibly sexy and incredibly attractive.''