Henry Cavill ''really felt like Superman'' while filming 'Man of Steel'.

The 30-year-old star got teary while slipping on the legendary superhero's iconic blue outfit and red cape for the first time, but he didn't find it tough to get into the character's mindset because the costume itself made him feel like he had special powers.

When asked how it felt wearing Superman's suit for the first time, he replied: ''Extremely cool, but emotional.

''I thought, 'This is it. You're doing it - being Superman.' I'll never forget it, because I really felt like him.''

While Cavill - who missed out on the titular role for 2006 movie 'Superman Returns' - endured a tough workout schedule to ensure he was in the right shape to portray the superhero, he enjoyed waking up every morning and reminding himself he was playing the role.

He added to Nuts magazine: ''To train and to work 12 hours a day is taxing on the willpower and the body, so the shoot was gruelling but incredibly good fun.

''I got to wake up every morning and say, 'I'm Superman!'''