Henry Cavill felt ''incredible'' the first time he dressed as Superman.

The 29-year-old actor plays the Marvel superhero in director Zack Snyder's reboot 'Man of Steel' and he remembers the anticipation on set when he first stepped out wearing the iconic blue and red costume amongst the cast and crew.

Speaking in the latest issue of SFX Magazine, he said: ''It felt pretty incredible, actually. I'm not going to lie ... I was all wrapped up in this very sticky waterproof black cape thing, so no paparazzi could get shots or anything like that. And it was roasting hot, it was over 100 degrees in Chicago.

''And it's that moment of going 'This is me, unveiling myself as Superman to the crew.' And there was a slight aspect of nerves, but it was more about excitement. People weren't waiting to judge - everyone is sitting there rubbing their hands together with glee, going, 'We finally get to see what we're creating here!'

''It was an incredible feeling, wearing the suit, after all the work I'd done and everyone else had done in putting the suit together. It just felt like the right moment. It felt bang on. Really exciting.''

In the original comic book series, Superman's powers are weakened by the radioactive substance Kryptonite - the remains of his home planet Kypton.

Henry admits he has his own type of weakness - he worries about the wellbeing of his loved ones when he is away working.

He added: ''My Kryptonite is not being able to protect the ones I love. That really sort of spins me out, if I'm not there to look after someone and I'm worried something's going to happen to them or people are taking advantage of them or manipulating them. That spins me out of control. It really drives me nuts.''