New movie Superman Henry Cavill has credited his days at an all-boys boarding school in England with giving him the background he needed to play the comic book superhero in new movie Man Of Steel.

The actor attended Stowe School in Buckinghamshire and admits he used the childhood feelings of loneliness and homesickness to help him prepare to play Clark Kent's alter-ego.

He tells Entertainment Weekly magazine, "Being away from my family and not feeling like I was understood is something that I brought. I was at a boarding school. Every three weeks I would go home for a weekend, but when you're 13 years old and you're emotional and you miss home, three weeks feels like a very long time - especially if you haven't got loads of mates.

"Being alone isn't easy. I wasn't the most popular kid and I felt very alone. That's certainly a lasting memory. I wasn't someone who spoke a lot, and I brought that to the character."

In the film, Cavill's Superman character is sent to Earth as a baby to avoid an explosion that destroys his home planet of Krypton.