Hell On Earth frontman BILLY TOURTELOT is still waiting to find out if his terminally ill friend committed suicide during the band's gig earlier this month (OCT03).

The controversial concert and suicide - to raise awareness for the EUTHANASIA SOCIETY - were scheduled to be broadcast live on the band's website, from two separate, undisclosed locations, but a heavy flood of traffic brought the site down.

And singer Tourtelot has no idea if it all went ahead as planned.

He says, "As for out terminally ill friend, I haven't heard from him yet.

"I reached out over the airwaves on a radio show to try to get a response, but there was nothing.

"There are no police reports of finding any bodies yet."

Tourtelot claims the concert went ahead, but initially had no idea if the suicide occurred as well.

23/10/2003 21:09