Helena Christensen uses jade rollers to make her skin glow.

The 49-year-old supermodel has appeared on countless covers of high-fashion magazines and walked the runways for the industry's top designers but the avid photographer - who is partnering with Huawei to show how their P20 Pro phone camera rivals a traditional one - likes to take a simple approach to her skincare routine and opts for face masks when she feels like pampering herself.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, she said: ''I try to drink a lot of water and to scrub a lot, to exfoliate a lot and then I've been using these jade rollers, I don't know if they work but they feel good and cooling on your skin. And I swear by masks, I love face masks, whether it's the sheet masks or the cream ones. I just think, first of all they make you feel good, they have an immediate effect, maybe not a lasting one but if you use them enough then [they might].''

But her top tip for looking and feeling good is to live a ''balanced life'' by eating healthily and prioritising sleep in her busy schedule and she has come to understand the importance of self-care as she's progressed through her career and life.

Helena - who has 18-year-old son Mingus with her former partner Norman Reedus - explained: ''I love masks in general, hair masks, body masks, I scrub my body every morning with a brush actually for circulation and at the end of the day we really all know what it's about, drink a lot of water, get good sleep, exercise, eat healthy food and get your vitamins in, vegetables, all that stuff, it really is about that at the end of the day and basically living a balanced life, which isn't always easy. ''As you get older you try to and hope to understand how we actually need to think and live and love and care, but it's easier said than done, every minute of your life something changes.''

Huawei recently teamed up with iconic supermodel and photographer, Helena Christensen to support the launch of their latest smartphone, the Huawei P20 Pro. The Huawei P20 Pro smartphone is available nationwide now.