Helena Christensen claims she's only a "little photogenic".

The Danish supermodel is one of the world's most attractive women and while she doesn't think she is classically beautiful, she knows she can take a good picture.

She said: "I don't think I'm classical beautiful. I think I look quirky. No really, I'm completely asymmetrical, which only goes to show that you can't define beauty by a manual. Maybe I'm just a little photogenic."

However, Helena, 42, says she never felt any pressure to change her looks during her 90s heyday otherwise she wouldn't have done it.

Talking about her and her fellow supermodels, Helena told Style magazine: "We had big personalities, but nobody tried to change that. I never heard anyone tell us to be different, to lose weight or reshape our bodies. None of us was ever told to change anything about ourselves that might have meant our self-confidence would be lost.

"Maybe some girls should just stick to who they are and believe in that and if it doesn't work out, then this is not the business for them."