Helena Christensen was ''fascinated'' by the work it took to create her debut lingerie line.

The supermodel has worked on a luxury collection for Triumph consisting of three differently-themed ranges - Poetica, Ballerina, and Dahlia - and was thrilled to be hands-on in the creative process.

She told Vogue.co.uk: ''I was already their campaign girl, but Triumph suggested evolving the partnership and collaborating together.

''It was such a great opportunity to work with such a traditional, established company and have them support me in making my own line.

''I designed it all myself, but obviously had a team working with me to explain all the technical aspects - we put together mood boards, sketches, fabrics, just anything that I felt inspired by.

''It was fascinating to sit with experienced designers and see the background of the construction. There was a lot to learn - I even went to Hong Kong to talk to the seamstresses and see the samples, I was really involved.''

Helena believes her years of modelling experience helped a lot with her work on the range.

She added: ''I've been in the business for so many years as a model, and you're constantly surrounded by creative and inspiring people - it's a mind-blowing business to be in.

''But you absorb all that inspiration, and you keep it inside - it really was a very educational time.''

The Helena Christensen for Triumph lingerie collection launches in-store and online in January 2013.