Danish supermodel Helena Christensen wants to photograph British Royal Prince Charles' marriage to longterm lover Camilla Parker Bowles later this year (08APR05).

Christensen has taken a break from the catwalk to pursue a career behind the camera and she recently shot an advertising campaign for Danish lager company CARLSBERG.

She now feels ready to take on the biggest job in the celebrity calendar - but faces stiff competition from LORD LICHFIELD, who shot Prince Charles' marriage to DIANA, Princess Of Wales, and royal favourite Mario Testino.

She says, "I've photographed weddings for friends so I'd love to do Charles and Camilla."

An insider says, "Although traditionalists might baulk at employing Helena, it would definitely tie in with the theme of a progressive, modern wedding - and WILLIAM and HARRY would be keen."

18/02/2005 14:02