Supermodel Helena Christensen is determined to teach her son that housework is not just a woman's job.

The Danish beauty, 35, adores domestic chores and encourages MINGUS, four, to help her tidy, because she insists it will improve his body and mind.

Christensen says, "We love cleaning together. Seeing all the dirt being sucked up is an instant gratification.

"I got Mingus all the tools and he does everything like I do - we vacuum together and we play the game that I have to catch him with the snake. Cleaning is the best thing for the human mind and body.

"When it sucks on to his clothes he finds that so funny - it tickles. We make the whole thing into a game. Kids listen to you moaning and groaning about the cooking and the washing, and they think it's a chore.

"But I'm kind of trying to give him a whole different conception of what it should be, so I say, 'Yes, let's go clean. Let's go do the laundry."

24/08/2004 09:25