Helena Bonham Carter's daughter prefers monsters to her parents.

The actress - who has two children, two-year-old daughter Nell and six-year-old son Billy with her partner Tim Burton - says Nell is already a fan of their new movie 'Alice In Wonderland' and is more interested in the fantastical characters than listening to her family.

Helena - who plays The Red Queen in the film - said: "Nell is up for anything. Today she was watching her daddy do breakfast television and she sadly wasn't interested in seeing daddy, she just really wanted to see the monsters again from 'Alice...'. She sits there going, 'Daddy. Switch the monsters on. 'Alice in Wonderland'.' And we tell her no, but she'll say, 'I want to see the monsters!' "

While Nell loves watching the director's dark creations, Helena and Tim admit they are unsure how their oldest child will react to their new movie.

Helena told BANG Showbiz: "Billy is going to see it tonight (25.02.10) and it could be a disaster. He's six and a bit sensitive. He knows it's pretend though. My character's giant head might frighten him though!"

Tim added: "You might see him running out of the theatre later."

Helena also joked she was only cast in the movie because Tim longs for a quiet family life.

The 43-year-old actress - who stars in the film with Johnny Depp - said: "I had to shout all day so I had no voice left at the end of it. I think that's why Tim brought me in - he finally found a way to make me shut up."