Helena Bonham Carter has teamed up with UK DJ producer Ryan Blyth and After 6 to lay her voice-over on their new single 'Trust Me'.

The 49-year-old actress, who was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Queen Elizabeth in the 2010 film 'The King's Speech', is best-known for her role as Bellatrix Lestrange in the Harry Potter series, but she's swapped her acting roles to become a wildlife narrator for the 'urban jungle' in the music video.

As the camera pans around a tower block, the distinctive strings of the track kick in and the focus is on a pair of dancers dressed as a urban tropical bird, engaging in an originally choreographed sequence of a stylised 'mating dance' ritual.

Coloured lines dash out from their footsteps on the grey concrete as they twirl around each other in time to 'Trust Me's infectious beat. The male gradually loses his partner's interest to a human onlooker towards the end of the track, with the video coming to a close as Islington-born Helena asks ''who will she choose?''.

'Trust Me' is the latest release from BBC Radio One DJ Danny Howard's and Nigel Harding's new record label, 'Nothing Else Matters', which aims to shine a light on talented upcoming dance acts, both crossover and underground.

The label has already made a big entrance with the widespread success of 99 Souls' 'The Girl Is Mine'.

'Trust Me's mixture of recognisable melodies, uplifting strings, hands-in-the-air vocals and a stomping bassline make it the perfect track to set dancefloors everywhere alight; it's already made its way into the Shazam top 100 chart and took the number 11 slot in the UK Dance chart.