Helena Bonham Carter gets ''sent off'' by partner Tim Burton if he disapproves of her behaviour.

The 'Dark Shadows' actress says the American filmmaker - with whom she has two children, Billy, eight, and four-year-old Nell - is obsessed with soccer and mimics the disciplinary process used in The Game to reprimand her.

She said: 'He's become a real soccer fanatic, so he has yellow cards and red cards.

''I'm always being sent off. It's pretty playful but that's good for me. 'We do have a laugh!''

Helena - who lives in London with Tim and their kids - went on to explain she receives yellow card warnings for things such as twitching eyebrows and moving hands.

In 'Dark Shadows' - a comedy vampire film directed by Tim - Helena plays psychotherapist Dr. Julia Hoffman and based her research for the role on her mother, who held a similar profession.

However, the 45-year-old star admits she used to ''resent'' her parent's job because she always took a professional stance to her daughter's moods when she was younger.

Helena added to the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper: ''She's obviously been our live-in one, too. And it's really resented, it's horrible when your mother turns round and tries to psychoanalyse you and says that you're just 'projecting' or you're being 'remorseful'. She was always taking the professional stance when I was little. It was very irritating!''