Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton are living together.

The eccentric couple famously own houses next door to one another in London and live in them separately, but the pair have forced to live under one roof with their children Billy, eight, and Nell, four, while building work is being done on one property.

Although they were nervous about adhering to a conventional living arrangement, the couple are finding the experience ''surprisingly OK''.

Helena said: ''It's going surprisingly OK. There's a lot to be said for being in shouting distance. And it's cosy. The kids love it.''

Despite their usually unconventional domestic set-up, Helena and Tim - who have been together since 2001 - have an established routine which sees the 46-year-old actress do the family cooking and Tim, 54, prepare the accompanying drinks, much to the delight of their daughter.

Speaking to Time Out magazine, Helena said: ''I've always done the cooking, which I love. He can warm up. He does two-minute rice. And gets the drinks ready.

''He makes smoothies on a weekend. Our daughter once said to him, 'Dadda, why don't you make smoothies instead of movies?' ''