The Les Miserables star is reuniting with Suffragette producer Faye Ward to star in and produce Saint Mazie.

The project will be based on Jami Attenberg's fictional novel about Phillips, who was known for selling tickets at a cinema she eventually inherited and passing out money and advice to homeless people in New York. The New Yorker's Joseph Mitchell profiled her in the publication in 1940.

"Mazie is a restless, independent woman who embodies the essence of 1930s New York," Ward says. "Our story unveils a woman in the middle of her life, a local legend who lifted the spirit of a community and yet barely moved beyond the perimeter of two square miles. She was in love with the streets and the people, she saw beauty in the dirt. It is exciting to think of Helena on screen oozing the spirit of this courageous woman. (Screenwriter) Clara (Brennan)'s witty and political voice is perfect for Mazie and her world."