Helena Bonham Carter is a fashion "genius".

The 'King's Speech' star is famous for her eccentric dress sense including famously wearing one red and one green shoe to this year's Golden Globe Awards but Marchesa designer Georgina Chapman loves her style.

She says Helena is "a genius who made my [Golden Globes] evening so much fun. And why not wear two different colored shoes?"

Georgina founded her eveningwear label in 2004 with co-creator Keren Craig and despite their success- with A-List celebrities frequently spotted wearing Marchesa - she admitted it was a struggle at first.

Georgina said: "Sure, there was VALENTINO and Versace, but there weren't a lot of young brands out there doing eveningwear. People thought we were crazy. They said no one does evening anymore, which only encouraged us to do it more."

The British designer has been married to Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein since 2004 but Georgina admitted they attend award ceremonies hoping for very different outcomes.

She told US Harper's Bazaar: "Harvey will be at an awards show, worried if an actor in his film is going to win, and I'm thinking, How does her dress look? We'll both be biting our nails. And sometimes his doesn't win, but if I see my dress up at the podium, I'm clapping and screaming, 'I won! I won!'"