Actress Helena Bonham Carter has given birth to a second child, according to reports.

The Fight Club star's representative told People magazine that Bonham-Carter and her director husband were "absolutely delighted" to give their four-year-old Billy a sibling.

Bonham-Carter's spokesperson added that the baby was a girl and a great Christmas present for the family.

The actress and her husband recently received Golden Globe nominations for their work on Sweeney Todd. While Burton is up for the best director gong at the Hollywood awards show, Carter is in the running for the best actress prize at the ceremony.

Previously the star, who found out she was expecting while shooting for the musical, said her pregnancy had caused problems shooting the film.

"I start off with huge breasts, and then I walk upstairs and suddenly I've got tangerines again. It's melons to tangerines," she said.

Carter was also nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe for her performance in Wings of Dove, which was released in 1997.

17/12/2007 07:10:43