Helena Bonham Carter's dad begged her to help him die after a stroke left him paralysed.

RAYMOND BONHAM CARTER, who died last year aged 74, underwent surgery in 1979 to remove brain tumour but suffered a stroke while under the knife.

The actress, who was just 13 at the time, lived at home with her parents until she was over 30, helping her mother look after her father.

And she reveals it was so tough on her dad he asked her to help him end it all.

She says, "He actually asked me at one point. He said, 'Helena, how do I die? I just can't seem to do it.' I had never seen him being defeatist before but he was so tired. I said, 'Just let it happen. Don't try.'

"But you know what ? He was so not scared. I was with him when he died and it was beautiful. It wasn't scary. It was peaceful like the end of a long marathon."