Helena Bonham Carter loves breast feeding her new baby daughter because it gives her boobs a purpose. The 41-year-old actress gave birth to her second child with director Tim Burton in December (07) and she's a big fan of motherhood all over again. And she can't understand other mums who choose not to breastfeed - because it's "wonderful". The Sweeney Todd star says, "You know you're providing a real service. After carrying around your boobs for so long, it's nice to know they have an actual purpose." That said, the Brit is determined not to carry on breastfeeding her new baby daughter for too long after an uncomfortable experience with her four-year-old son Billy. She adds, "Billy was a bit of a succubus. It gets to a point where you feel awkward. If they can crawl up and reach for it, perhaps it's time to move on." Bonham Carter and Burton are yet to reveal what name they'll give to their daughter.