Pregnant actress Helena Bonham Carter had a "crisis" two years ago - because she thought her chance of having a happy family life had passed her by.

The FIGHT CLUB star, 37, who is currently expecting her first child with film director boyfriend Tim Burton, had become deeply disillusioned in her mid-thirties after a string of failed relationship, and began to despair of ever finding the right man to settle down with.

She explains, "I had a crisis when I was 35. I thought, 'I'm single and I'm never going to meet someone.' I was stumped because I couldn't think of who I'd meet or what kind person I would be with.

"I didn't know if it would work with a non-actor because of all the fuss that goes with being in this industry. I thought, 'Oh my God! I've got to hurry up.'

"I really did think all this might have passed me by, because you reach a certain age where you wonder if it's going to happen or not. You start thinking more about babies when you get to my age."

25/09/2003 17:19