Oscar-nominated actress Helena Bonham Carter has joined forces with swimwear designer SAMANTHA SAGE to form new fashion duo, the Pantaloonies. The pair's first collection, Bloomin' Bloomers, will be launched by London's luxury department store Harrods, and features a Victoriana selection of camisoles, mop caps and bloomers. Following the May (06) launch, the pair will also offer a Pantaloonies jeans customising service which will see them create what the Fight Club actress calls "a kind of scrapbook on the bum". She adds, "I woke up on my 35th birthday and thought, 'I've got to do something other than act.' What doesn't sit well with me is waiting for others to employ me. Plus using me always as the raw material. It's nice to make something out of something that isn't oneself." A percentage of proceeds from the venture will be donated to United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef).