British actress Helena Bonham Carter found being directed by boyfriend TIM BURTON a strange experience, because he was determined not to treat her any differently from the other actors.

And Helena says Tim ended up ignoring her on the set of new movie BIG FISH, which also stars Ewan McGregor.

She says, "He would walk straight past me and talk to Ewan as if I didn't exist.

"And at the end of the day he'd give Ewan lots of compliments and ignore me.

"He admitted later that he didn't want to be seen to have any favourites, but I said I really didn't think Ewan would mind and I had to tell him he had to compliment me, not just take me for granted.

"Then he took it too far and it was just too many compliments, so I said, 'Stop it. It's OK, it's OK.' "

07/12/2003 11:23