British actress Helena Bonham Carter is tentative about taking on another musical role because she's convinced her role in husband Tim Burton's SWEENEY TODD sent her hormones into a spin - and she became pregnant.
The Howards End star loved hitting the high notes as Mrs. Lovett in the movie musical and only wishes she had more time to perfect her singing skills.
Now, she's hoping for another musical role - but she might have to give up sex for the part.
She explains, "I love singing. There is talk of something, but it's too early to talk about it. Singing is exciting and daunting - the more you do it, the more you realise how much hard graft it is. But you know what? I bet you that I got pregnant because I was singing for Sweeney Todd.
"I was breathing properly because I was singing and it produces happy hormones too. It is very healthy, a great thing to do."
But Burton isn't thrilled with his wife's love of singing.
She admits, "Afterwards I said I was going to sing every day and continue to do my exercises and Tim said, 'No, you're not!"