Helena Bonham Carter spent so much time screaming as ALICE IN WONDERLAND's RED QUEEN, she was hoarse by lunchtime on most days.
The actress reveals she had to spend hours dubbing her tantrums after the filming had wrapped - because she sounded croaky in so many scenes.
She tells WENN, "I lost my voice... and I did lots of dubbing because a lot of the time you can hear that my voice is cracked. But I think she would probably be like that because if you scream all the time you are going to have a cracked voice."
Bonham Carter feels sure the silence was a godsend for her director husband Tim Burton.
She adds, "Tim would say, 'What use are you by lunch time?' because I would have lost my voice. To tell you the truth, after shouting all day, I didn't actually have a voice after lunch, so, I didn't really speak much, except on set, which was probably what Tim wanted!"