Helena Bonham Carter has vowed to continue playing disturbing roles until audiences stop stereotyping her as the queen of costume dramas. The actress garnered her demure reputation after starring in 1985's A ROOM WITH A VIEW, in which she played naive LUCY HONEYCHURCH. But she has since tried to shed the image with a host of darker movies including Fight Club, MARY SHELLEY'S FRANKENSTEIN and The Theory of Flight. She tells the New York Daily News, "I was never like the women in those costume dramas. People assumed I was like that in real life, but of course it was just acting. "There was the whole ASQUITH thing (Bonham Carter is the great granddaughter of former British Prime Minister HERBERT HENRY ASQUITH), and I was labeled. But it was all a half-truth. I'm a completely different mix." "I am attracted to eccentrics. I love watching people who are cut from a different cloth. I think, 'How on earth did they get to be like that?' It makes (acting) fun."