Movie star Helena Bonham Carter has found her perfect partner in director Tim Burton because they're both as messy as each other.

The WINGS OF A DOVE star is now expecting her first child with her boyfriend of two years - and keeps getting told how the pair make the perfect whole because of their idiosyncratic sartorial style.

She laughs, "Everyone says we look tight together. I think's because we don't believe in combs and we complement each other on the smart front."

The 37-year-old acknowledges that the similarities go deeper, and she's just surprised she and Burton - who started dating months after filming PLANET OF THE APES together - took so long to realise.

She says, "I think our sensibilities go well together. He is dynamic and funny and we are soul mates.

"Everyone else around us could see that we were going to be suited because we are quite similar and when we finally started going out, people were like, 'Doh, how come it took so long for you to see it?'

"But I suppose it took a long time I didn't look at him that way. Now it's like, 'Oh, course it had to be him.'"

25/09/2003 21:30