"I don't know why seeing me cry makes you donate but it seems to and for that I thank you." These are the words used by Blue Peter presenter Helen Skelton in her message to the people that have helped her throughout her Sport Relief challenges, via an interview for The Independent. Skelton has kayaked down the Amazon river, run 78 miles in a day, in Africa, and trekked to the South Pole, all to raise money for Sport Relief.
Skelton expresses her gratitude in the article, both to her employers at Blue Peter for agreeing to let her take part in the challenge and to those who had supported her through the challenges: "I came back to an overwhelming amount of support and the realisation that actually, no matter what your experience, anything is possible if you give it a go." Skelton explained that her job on Blue Peter is "to excite children around the world" and went on to describe the emotion that she felt when some of those children then wrote her letters of encouragement, saying "The messages I got from kids reduced me to tears. If you've ever had a handwritten note from a seven-year-old you'll know where I'm coming from."
Helen also describes a meeting with a boy named Hamza who she originally met when he was sleeping rough in Uganda. At the time, he tried to steal her jewellery but having received support from Sport Relief - funded projects, Hamza is now "a model pupil on the verge of being fostered." Skelton concludes the tale by asserting "Because I saw that happen in front of me, I believe any sacrifice induced or inspired by a "challenge" is worth it. I don't know why seeing me cry makes you donate, but it seems to, and for that I thank you."