Australian singer Helen Reddy knew it was time to walk out on a relationship gone wrong when she found fragments of her cocaine-addicted lover's nose on a pillow. In her new book, THE WOMAN I AM, the retired hitmaker reveals she was so disturbed about the end of the romance it prompted her to turn her back on showbusiness. Now a successful hypnotherapist in her native Australia, Reddy admits her ex started becoming violent towards her and she walked out on him and his drug problems after the first time he struck her. But it was the discovery of parts of his nose in bed that made Reddy start packing her bags. She says, "(There was) blood, bone fragments, gristle. "(His problem was) bad enough that after I left he did eventually finish up in the emergency room." In the new memoirs, Reddy also talks about her battle with hormone deficiency disease Addison's.