DAME Helen Mirren owes her 2007 good luck to her lucky shoes - and the heavens. The British actress, who picked up an Emmy Award on Sunday night (16Sep07) for her role in TV drama Prime Suspect: The Final Act, has had a string of successes at prizegivings all over the world this year. She picked up an Oscar, a Screen Actors Guild award and a slew of other international accolades for her role as The Queen, honours for her portrayal of Elizabeth I and she was even crowned a Great Briton and Best Actress by the American Association of Retired People. But modest Mirren doesn't think her awards are merely down to her talents. She says, "I'm not really superstitious, but can you believe I've been wearing the same shoes. The shoes I wore to the Emmys were the same shoes I wore to the Emmys last year. "And I don't believe in astrology but I'd be very curious to see what my astrological sign said about this year."