A sequel to the Oscar-winning movie THE QUEEN is in the works - but it won't star Helen Mirren as HER MAJESTY. The movie will focus instead on Tony Blair and his relationship with Bill Clinton and George Bush. Peter Morgan, who penned the Stephen Frears-directed drama, has begun work on a follow-up that will describe the special relationship between the U.S. and the U.K. The film will focus on Blair's reaction when the U.S. presidency was handed over from Clinton, a Democrat who had a natural political affinity with the Labour leader, to the Republican and conservative Bush. Producer Andy Harries tells Variety, "Peter sees this as a pivotal moment when the special relationship between Britain and America changed." The as-yet untitled project will be the third movie Morgan has written about the former British leader, following 2003's The Deal, aired on Channel 4, and last year's (07) The Queen. It is expected that Michael Sheen, who portrayed Blair in the two previous movies, will reprise the role. It is as yet unclear whether Frears, who directed both films, will join Sheen and Morgan on this project.