Oscar-winning actress Helen Mirren has hailed her experience with LSD as "fantastic" - but vows never to do it again because it also "terrified" her. The Queen star reveals she once took acid while a jobbing actress in her 20s. She says, "I'd just taken a tab of acid - my first and last tab of acid, I can assure you - and was heading off into the fields and thinking, 'I'm not quite sure what's going to happen next.' And then, you know, the acid hit shortly after that and it was terrifying." But the 62-year-old cannot understand how frequent users deal with the effects of the drug on a daily basis. She adds, "I don't know how people can take it time after time. I had the most wonderful time on it - it was wonderful, partly because my good friend came up to me just as the world was refracting and said, 'Don't worry Hel, it's gonna be fine. Just let go and enjoy it and it will be fine,' and I did. "He sort of saved me and I had a fantastic time. But it's too much, too much."