Actress DAME Helen Mirren was so distraught at wearing dowdy clothes for her role as British monarch Queen Elizabeth II in new film THE QUEEN, she cried in disappointment. Mirren played an earlier monarch in last year's (05) TV drama ELIZABETH I, and loved all the luxurious costumes she wore for the role. But she was horrified by the boring outfits she had to wear to play Elizabeth II. Mirren says, "At my first fitting the costume designer brought all these horrible-looking clothes, all these walking shoes and tweed skirts. After Elizabeth I with all the jewellery and fabulous stuff... well I just cried. I just burst into tears. "Then I thought: 'You know what Helen, you've just got to wear them. Let go of your vanity and your sense of prettiness.' "And then the minute I put those clothes on, I suddenly found the Queen's walk. In those shoes, it just came naturally."