Helen Mirren revisited sex movie CALIGULA to prepare for her upcoming nude scenes opposite Cuba Gooding JR in new film SHADOWBOXER.

The British actress, who is famous for revealing all in films like Calendar Girls and Caligula, checked out the 1979 film to prime herself for her latest naked scenes.

She says, "I saw Caligula recently, which had a lot of sex, and it's rather good. I mean it's wild; this is ancient Rome, for God's sake. They weren't like us.

"It fired me up again. I come from the GERARD DEPARDIEU school of taking your clothes off, which is to just drop them!

"It's not another day at the office but you're completely professional about it. There's always a slight BABES IN THE WOOD feeling because there's just the two of you and there are all these technical things, microphones and cameras. You get that slightly cozy ADAM and EVE-like feeling between the two of you, which is kind of nice."

05/07/2004 09:02