British actress DAME Helen Mirren refuses to let the recent furore surrounding the poisoning of a former Soviet spy interfere with her plans to travel to Russia next year (07). British police are investigating the death of ALEXANDER LITVINENKO last week (23NOV06) after traces of lethal polonium-210 radiation were found in his body when he was admitted to London's University College hospital suffering from a mystery illness three weeks earlier. However, Mirren, who was born ILYENA LYDIA MIRONOVA before her Russian father changed her family name, is desperate to visit her relatives in Russia and won't let the media frenzy surrounding Litvinenko's death get in her way. The star of THE QUEEN says, "The whole thing strikes a nerve as a tale of disturbing derring-do but not as far as my Russian ethnicity is concerned. I'm still planning a trip to see my relatives there. "I'm really looking forward to it. We're going in March."