Oscar winner DAME Helen Mirren has traced her long-lost Russian family during a tearful visit to Moscow. The Queen star and her sister Kate feared their family had all been killed off after World War One - when their grandfather Pyotr Mironov fled to Britain, leaving his relatives behind. Mirren and her sister were both born in England, but they always felt they had ties to Russia - and these were realised recently when the siblings came face to face with the family then never knew. The Mirren sisters were helped in their quest by a Russian journalist, who acted as their guide throughout the visit. There, they met great aunts Lydia, Olga and Valentina in a city cafe. Architect Olga Mikhailova says, "We knew we had English relatives, but we thought they were lost. The minute I saw Helen and Kate, I realised they were my family. "I can see in Helen's face and nose the similarity to my great grandma - her grandfather's sister." And there was another surprise in store for the Mirrens - their grandfather's remains were buried in the family vault in a Moscow cemetery. The actress reveals, "My father must have sent his remains back secretly. I had thought he was buried in England."