DAME Helen Mirren fears Queen Elizabeth II will never speak to her again after portraying her in the critically acclaimed new movie THE QUEEN. The 60-year-old star has been receiving rave reviews for her role as the British monarch and recently picked up the Best Actress honours at the Venice Film Festival. Mirren says she is apprehensive about encountering Queen Elizabeth saying, "I think she'll carefully never meet me. I would hate for someone to play me on the screen." The PRIME SUSPECT star did meet the Queen five years ago at a polo match and was struck by how "very, very sparkly" she was. Mirren claims the most challenging aspect of the role was recreating the Queen's voice and awkward stride. She adds, "I was so nervous about (the voice). It's so recognisable. As a young girl, she was very light and quite graceful, except for this funny walk she's got. "She's got beautiful legs. She's got much better legs than I have. After you put the gear on and walk like that, it all falls into place!"