Actress Helen Mirren loved working on a movie with French hunk OLIVIER MARTINEZ - although he was more embarrassed about filming a love scene than she was.

The CALENDAR GIRLS star made TV movie THE ROMAN SPRING OF MRS STONE with the UNFAITHFUL actor, and has nothing but positive things to say about her co-star.

Helen gushes, "Oh, he's absolutely adorable.

"He's French, but he comes from this big working-class family so he's got that street thing, which is very sexy, and he's really smart and best of all he's got this really great sense of humour - he laughs at himself all the time.

"(Doing the sex scene) he was more embarrassed than I was! I was the one saying, 'Don't worry Olivier - you know what? The best thing, sweetie, is just to do it and don't make a fuss about it.'"

In contrast to his current high-profile affair with Kylie Minogue, Mirren saw him when he was dating actress Mira Sorvino, and believes that their breakup may have been emotional.

She says, "He wasn't going out with Kylie then. He was going out with Mira Sorvino. And she did come to the set. So I don't know what happened with Mira.

"I would imagine a bit of heartbreak went on, actually."

24/08/2003 11:56