Dame Helen Mirren is appealing to find the New Yorker who saved her from arrest on the subway.

The Queen star has opened up about an incident on the underground train system in the Big Apple several years ago when she was running late for a night out at a Broadway play with her husband, Taylor Hackford, and a group of friends.

Mirren reveals a man helped her hold open the train doors so her group could get on board, sparking a major incident, and the actress admits she let the stranger take the blame when police officers came looking for the culprit.

She tells Britain's Sky News, "I was rushing to go to the theatre with my husband and some friends and the subway (train) drew in... and I ran ahead of them and put my hand through the closing (doors) to keep it open and this very nice man jumped up and held the doors open so we could all come in and sit down... Then the train kind of got stuck and... the subway police came along and said 'Who's responsible for holding the train?' and this guy said 'I am' and they took him away and I'm (just) sitting there..."

Mirren goes on to urge the traveller to come forward so she can finally apologise for her actions, adding, "To this day I want to apologise to him because I should have got up out of my seat there and then and walked off and said, 'He did it for me, it was my fault' but we were late for the theatre so I sat there... I was a terrible person."