The Queen actress was telling the presenters about her love of camping and recalled a trip she went on in England with her actor ex-boyfriend Liam Neeson, who she dated in the 1980s, but slipped up when describing the weather.

She said, "We went camping in Cornwall, he loved camping as well and we had this little deux chevaux car and Liam is 6ft 4in... and his head was sticking out the top of the car really and we had our tent in the back and all our stuff, our little stove and everything, we get down there and we're camping in this tiny tent all 6ft 4in of Liam and me and we camp in this field, not an official camping site with electricity, loos (toilets), showers, none of that, it was just literally a field and it p**sed with rain non-stop for like three days."

As Mirren uttered the swear word, presenter Ben Shephard made a noise and cut in, saying, "We should apologise, we can't say things like that first thing in the morning."

The actress rephrased her sentence to say "It rained a lot" before asking the hosts, "Why can't you say that?"

After they explained, Mirren laughed and motioned sealing her lips.