The Oscar winner admits her public pleas to be cast in the action films have gone unheard as she has yet to receive a call from bosses at Universal Pictures, the studio behind the hit Vin Diesel series, but she is refusing to give up on her mission and is determined to get behind the wheel for an appearance in the follow-up to the new Furious 7 instalment.

She tells Yahoo Movies, "My great ambition is to be in a Fast and Furious movie. I so want to be a mad driver in a Fast and Furious movie. My claim to fame is I always do my own driving...

"I keep putting it out there, and they never ask me. I'll be in Fast and Furious 8. I have to say Vin Diesel is brilliant. I love Vin Diesel. He's a great guy, smart - I love him. It's partly because of him I'd like to be in one (of the films), but also the driving."

Diesel stars alongside Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Ludacris, Tyrese Gibson and the late Paul Walker in the latest film in the popular franchise, which hits cinemas in America this week (03Apr15).