Dame Helen Mirren is "very comfortable" with her sexuality.

The actress has never thought of herself as beautiful, but has always known she was attractive to men.

And the 'Arthur' star also believes she is still sexually attractive, even at the age of 65.

She said: "I'm not beautiful. I was never beautiful. I just clean up nice! Sexiness is different. I don't mind being sexy - but on my own terms. I've always felt very comfortable about my sexuality.

"Women don't lose their sex appeal as they get older, it just moves into a different kind of arena. I don't mean full-on sex appeal - that's really for the young. No, it's some kind of indeterminate thing - an appreciation of life and wisdom and other things, perhaps. There should be a special word for it."

Helen - who has appeared naked in several film and TV projects - takes pride in her appearance, but ultimately she thinks too much emphasis is placed on what women look like.

In an interview with Yours magazine - which is on sale now - she said: "I like getting dressed up and looking good, but there's far too much emphasis placed on what women look like and it makes me cross there's so much pressure on women to be beautiful all the time.

"I don't really want to be a part of that and we don't need it. It's irrelevant."