Dame Helen Mirren thinks Britain's Queen Elizabeth has a ''twinkling'' personality.

The Oscar-winning actress claims the queen is actually ''charming and funny'' and is nothing like her serious public persona and wanted to bring her lighter side to the forefront when she portrayed the monarch in 2006 movie 'The Queen'.

She said: ''She does laugh. She makes jokes. She twinkles.

''I met her once in a fairly relaxed situation at a polo match. She was charming and funny, not at all the serious person we think of. There's someone else in there and I was desperate to bring that to the screen.''

Helen, who lives in Los Angeles with her husband Taylor Hackford, respects the queen because of her ''noble'' qualities but thinks they have nothing to do with her position as Head Of State.

She explained: ''I'm not a great believer in nobility other than in nobility of character. Some people have that and it doesn't matter what class they are.

''The Queen is noble, but that has nothing to do with being born royal.''

Queen Elizabeth has just celebrated her Diamond Jubilee after 60 years on The Throne.