Helen Mirren ''is absolutely wrong'' to urge women to live make-up free, according to Charlotte Tilbury.

The British make-up artist has slammed the 71-year-old actress - who posed bare faced for this year's Pirelli calendar - for advising women to ditch their cosmetic products in favour of going au naturel.

Charlotte - who boasts a large celebrity clientele including Kate Moss and Nicole Kidman - told the Mail Online: ''I totally disagree with Helen. She's absolutely wrong - completely wrong. Why would anyone, in a world where everyone is judged by their looks, not wear make-up?''

However, the flame-haired mogul - who launched her eponymous cosmetics brand in 2013 - has acknowledged ''full on glamour'' isn't for everyone, although a more natural look, when beauty items are applied subtly, is better than having no coverage at all.

The entrepreneur explained: ''I'm not saying do a full-on glamour look all the time: It can be very sophisticated and chic at the same time as being natural, like the Jennifer Aniston look.''

This news comes after Helen urged women to help make bare-faced look a ''fashion'' trend.

Speaking previously, she said: ''I think it would be wonderful if it became a fashion. Things are always cyclical.''

Meanwhile, Helen - who is an ambassador for L'Oréal - has claimed women and men are often ''excluded'' from beauty and fashion campaigns as they get older.

The 'Woman In Gold' star said previously: ''You don't lose interest as a woman - or maybe as a man - we don't lose interest in these things as we get older, all we do is we get more knowledge about them.

''We get more knowledge about what's good for you, what's bad for you, what works for you, what doesn't work for you and so I don't see why as an older person you should be excluded from the fun of all of that.''