Dame Helen Mirren has been to nudist beaches and found the experience "comforting".

The 65-year-old actress has revealed she has visited beaches where visitors strip off naked and thinks being nude in public is very liberating.

She said: "I have been on a nudist beach about three times in my life and found it very comforting. It is a natural experience and instantly changes the way you think about nudity and sexuality."

Despite having bared her body for several film roles, Mirren insists she is insecure about her figure just like most women.

And compared to women who she considers to be attractive, the Oscar winner believes she has a "crap body".

In an interview with The Sun newspaper, she added: "In truth, I have a much greater interest in a great nightie than nudity. I am not self-confident about the way I look. I think, at times, I look like the back of a bus. I do not have a great body. I have a crap body. Naomi Campbell has a great body. Let's be realistic here."

The 'Arthur' star also believes her willingness to strip on screen has created an image of her that is unlike her real personality - which is quiet and reserved.

Helen - who is married to film director Taylor Hackford - said: "I'm not a clubby person, have never been anyone's fan, never even went to a nightclub and have never asked for an autograph. Yet my image, for what it was worth, seemed totally different to that. I suppose the number of nude scenes I've done over the years may have contributed to that."