Dame Helen Mirren doesn't mind moving between her homes across the world.

The 69-year-old actress has houses in east London, Los Angeles and Salento, but has no problem adjusting when she travels between the UK, US and Spain - and insisted while she doesn't miss two cities when she's settled in the other, she would occasionally like to have more time in one place.

She said: ''Well, yes, [I like it because] you experience different climates and cultures. But then sometimes I just want to stay put. Doing 'The Audience' in London was wonderful because I couldn't be anywhere else. I had to be in that theatre every night.

''And that was really nice. I could finally unpack. Generally, I find the place I am is where I am and I forget the other places very quickly. I'm back in Los Angeles and I think, 'This is great'.

''But then I love a dull day in London. In LA, when it's 89 degrees on Christmas Day, it's alarming. It makes you appreciate the rain.''

The 'Hundred-Foot Journey' star admitted wherever she stays, it's her gardening which allows her to retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

She told the Daily Telegraph Magazine: ''I do it, but not terribly well. In London we have a communal garden which we [neighbours] all share.

''It's perfect, because you have other people to talk to, and you don't take the successes and failures quite so seriously.''