Dame Helen Mirren has admitted she cuts her own hair.

The 'RED 2' actress insisted she ''can't handle'' an almost-monthly trip to the hairdresser, so she has taken to chopping her own locks - even in preparation for glitzy award shows.

She told Redbook magazine: ''Not always, but yes, [I cut my own hair]. I can't handle going to the hairdresser every six weeks, so I only go about once a year.

''In between, I get out the scissors and do something, usually rather disastrously. Sometimes I'll even chop my hair the morning of a big red carpet event.''

She also admitted she still finds the huge events to be a lot of ''fun'', particularly now she's at a stage where she can just ''enjoy'' them.

She added: ''Yes, it is fun - it's a silly, amazing moment to be caught up in, and then it's all over.

''What's nice is that I don't feel nervous about it anymore. I can just enjoy it.''

And despite not having a strict 'beauty regime', the veteran star still puts on makeup ''every day'' - although she ends up taking most of it off again.

She explained: ''I wear makeup every day. I love putting it on, and I get really into it: a little bit of this here, a little bit of that there... But then I stand back and look in the mirror and it's awful!

''So I take it all off because I've gotten too anal about it. It's absolutely true that as you get older, you have to wear less and less makeup.''