Dame Helen Mirren won't ever play Queen Elizabeth II again as she doesn't want to be remembered as the monarch.

The 72-year-old actress has drawn the line at playing the British monarch twice as she worries people will think she and the Queen are the same person.

She said: ''I wanted to kind of get away from that. I like to move forward, not back. It's wonderful that I [portrayed Queen Elizabeth twice], it was wonderful that it was a success, but I didn't want a headline when I'm knocked over by a bus to read 'The Queen Knocked Over by Bus.'''

And Mirren absolutely loves Claire Foy's portrayal of a young queen in the television series 'The Crown'.

Speaking on The Ellen DeGeneres show, she added: ''I think the show is incredibly accurate. I think Claire Foy was brilliant. I sent her an email congratulating her. It was fantastic.''

Meanwhile, Mirren previously admitted she ''cried'' when she saw the costumes she had to wear to play the Queen.

She said: ''The clothes are very important. I remember when I had my first costume fitting for The Queen, and they laid all of these sensible shoes out, kilts, barbour jackets, head scarves, and these sort of dresses ... I cried. I thought, I can't play anyone who'd wear these clothes. I just can't do it.

''The Queen is completely uninterested in clothes. She's not at all vain ... It's like a policeman wearing a uniform. She's wearing her uniform. She doesn't care what she looks like in it as long as it's the right thing for the right moment. Forget what they look like. It's what they feel like. And they're made out of unbelievably beautiful fabrics and then lined with incredibly expensive silk, so when you put them on, they feel incredible.''