Dame Helen Mirren loves English Heinz baked beans.

The 72-year-old actress might be one of the most successful names in Hollywood, but she doesn't always splash out on fine dining as she's revealed she loves to chow down on the simple canned good - although she'll never touch the American counterpart.

Speaking about going to the supermarket to do her grocery shopping during an appearance on 'The Ellen Degeneres Show', she said: ''I remember the first time I witnessed in the supermarket when they wipe it, and the voice comes up [saying] 'Heinz baked beans'. The machine knows! I mean, how? That is incredible. So I love technology. I'm so excited about where it's going to go and what's going to happen.''

When show host Ellen Degeneres then asked Helen if she buys baked beans often, the 'Collateral Beauty' star said: ''I do. Marmite and baked beans. But not American baked beans, American baked beans are kind of a bit disgusting. English Heinz baked beans.''

It isn't just Helen who is a fan of the protein snack either, as Ellen admitted her wife Portia De Rossi is also partial to baked beans on toast.

She said: ''I think that's what Portia does too. It's very very British. On toast, yes.''

To which Helen then jokingly told the audience: ''Everybody, Portia loves English Heinz baked beans. Send her some please.''

Also during the interview, 'The Queen' actress revealed she is amazed by technology, and often uses GPS tracking on her phone in areas that she knows well, just to see it working.

She said: ''GPS is the most magical and unbelievable thing. I even do it when I'm walking down the street and I know exactly where I am, I just look at myself like 'Oh my god it's moving, this is so amazing.'

''How can you imagine that GPS is simple when you think of the technology. The unbelievable technology.''